Buenos Aires – The Paris of South America

I was really looking forward to seeing Buenos Aires, I had heard amazing things!
I’d also read it was the Paris of South America, due to the European architecture. That description definitely fits the city perfectly.


We managed to get a dorm room in America Del Sur Hostel. Unfortunately for us, Argentina is more expensive than what we were used to so we had to settle for sharing a room with randoms. This proved problematic when the bloke who stumbled in at 11 pm one night started snoring face down and basically shook the whole room. It was unbearable and we knew that there was zero chance of getting to sleep. So we packed up our stuff and got reception to move us to a different room. We turned on the light and packed up everything, didn’t make any attempt to be quiet, and the guy still didn’t wake up. We moved to another room where the two other occupants did not seem to happy with us. We interrupted their pre-drinking! But they eventually turned off the light after a bit of huffing and puffing.


As I mentioned in my Salta post, the steak in Argentina is phenomenal! We made a special attempt and went to a proper steakhouse in Argentina. Danny said it was the best steak of his life (again). The restaurant we went to was called ‘La Brigada’ in San Telmo.
So while Danny was obsessing over the steak, I was caught up in the wine, cheese, and gelato. We spent so much time at corner bars in plazas with a glass of Malbec and a cheese platter. It was heaven!
Gelato is also huge in Buenos Aires, which is amazing! However ordering anything like that where you have to dictate what you want, is difficult when you don’t speak the language! Thankfully I never ended up with a bad flavor.


Getting from Salta to Buenos Aires meant one thing, the longest night bus ride of all! It was 23 hours. However, it was definitely not the most uncomfortable! Since the ‘First class’ area was only $6AUD more than the standard seats, we figured we could afford to splurge. They gave us blankets, a pillow, dinner, snacks, our own tv screens like on planes with movies and TV in English! It was like flying first class. So I would recommend splurging if the price difference isn’t too much, it was worth it in the end and we got a full night’s sleep.

Three days in Buenos Aires

Day 1

One of the main highlights of Buenos Aires was being there in time for the All Blacks match against Argentina. Danny loves a good rugby game, and I am happy to tag along. But, disaster, Danny didn’t have his All Blacks supporters top. So we spent the majority of the first day searching for an alternative. Luckily, we found one, and we were mainly in the city center so we could admire all the beautiful architecture. It really did look like Paris!
So we made it to the game, where we smashed them, of course. Everyone in the stands was very welcoming and I think they quite enjoyed having some opposing team supporters among them!

Day 2

Day two consisted of food, food, and more food! We started our day with the San Telmo market where I had discovered online there was a specialty coffee shop. We picked the beans we wanted and the barista chose the best method for those beans to be distilled. I think I got Guatemalan beans. We wandered around the market looking at all the trinkety stuff and then headed out into the street only to be greeted with about 5km more outdoor market! Following the stalls lead us to the Plaza, where we hid from the cold with a glass of wine in a cozy bar. After that, gelato, naturally. Another bar, and then further down the line, the steakhouse!

Day 3

Our last day! We went with the ‘no plan’ plan.. Where we hit up some amazing bookshops, wandered around discovering stuff and managed to catch some impromptu Tango!

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