Island Paradise: Caye Caulker

Cheap lobster, sunshine, snorkeling and an abundance of puppies. Is Caye Caulker heaven?

In my opinion, yes! Caye Caulker is a TINY island off the coast of Belize. Frequented by backpackers and Rastafarians alike.

Seriously, this place was tiny. We would literally walk past the same people multiple times. It’s very easy to get to know everyone there. We could see one side of the island from the other.

It also has the freshest seafood, and cheapest lobster ever! The snorkeling was world class. There’s tiny puppies running around everywhere, due to the animal shelter on the island.


We stayed in La Cubana hostel. Smallest rooms ever! But it had a free breakfast and was right next to the popular sports bar.


Ummm seafood heaven, lobster, snapper, shrimp etc! If you don’t like seafood though, they do amazing jerk chicken too.

The places we went and recommend:
Frans (beach side BBQ)
Dee and Dee’s
Roys seafood grill


To get to Caye Caulker, we got the water taxi from Chetumal in Mexico. We went through customs in San Pedro and then got back on the boat to go on to Caye Caulker.

Two days on Caye Caulker

Day 1

Day one started with a quick stroll around the island, it really was a quick stroll. About 15 minutes!
We then went on a half day snorkeling tour where we were able to see nurse sharks and sting rays. Both were completely harmless!
We spent the afternoon chilling at ‘The Split’. Which is where Caye Caulker divides from the neighbouring island. There is a bar there called the Lazy Lizard which does amazing frozen piña coladas! It’s right on the water front and has the amenities down pat; jumping board into the water, volley ball, in-water tables, and pumping music all day. I definitely got some sun that day 😆
We then had a chill dinner at Dee and Dee’s around the other side of the island.

We were always meeting other travelers in Caye Caulker who were all about to do the same path we were. Or they had done it so it was super cool to have that in common and get tips!

That night there was a lighting storm out on the ocean. We sat and watched the strikes out on the dock for a while. Unfortunately we didn’t have the camera on us!

Day 2

Day two was my favourite day!
We had booked a full day snorkeling tour with Caveman Tours (highly recommend!) and we saw SO much wildlife! It has inspired me to get my diving license. I loved spending the whole day in another world under the sea. In one day we saw and swam with; manatees (sea cows),
massive sea turtles,
the coral reef with thousands of colourful fish,
nurse sharks,
sting rays,
an underwater shipwreck,
moray eels,
sea horses, and tarpon fish.

Later that day we stumbled on the Caye Caulker Animal Shelter. Which is basically a guy who has opened up his home to abandoned and stray animals on the island. I’d noticed before that there were a lot of puppies, dogs, cats and even raccoon babies running around the island. They all seemed to belong to this one guy who has dedicated his life to helping them all find homes. He even had an eight day old kitten that someone had found on the beach.
If you’re an animal lover, you will love this guy’s house!
That night, we went to have lobster at Roys as a farewell to Caye Caulker. It definitely wasn’t long enough!

Next stop: San Ignacio, Belize!



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