A Mini Break in Colonia del Sacramento


Ahh, Uruguay, the last new country on our trip!

Since we seemed to be getting more and more time-strapped, we weren’t able to see as much of Uruguay as I would have liked. So I had to choose between the two ferries that went from Buenos Aires to Colonia De Sacramento or Montevideo. All the research I did online suggested, eff Montevideo, CDS is the best! So here we are!

This town is the CUTEST place I have ever been, it was a step into a storybook. Cobbled streets, colourful walls, vines, and flowers growing everywhere. There was a pier with sailboats moored everywhere, a lighthouse that the town still uses and of course dogs everywhere!


Another boat border crossing, but this one was considerably more comfortable than the one in Belize! The ship was massive, it had a cafe, charging ports and a lot of space for a 1 hour boat ride.

It seemed that a lot of Argentines go to Uruguay just for the day or for the weekend, so that was a foreign concept for us island dwellers.


Uruguay’s food is very similar to Argentina, heavy on the meat, Italian influence and a lot of wine and gelato! I’m not complaining!


We were the only people staying in our hostel, which was strange. I think it was relatively new. We had booked a double room after the snoring disaster in BA, but it seems we needn’t. I have this thing where I feel really uncomfortable when there’s no-one else in a hotel or a cafe/restaurant. So it was fine, but not amazing!

Two days in Colonia Del Sacramento

Day 1

Day one we arrived around 10am off the ferry from Buenos Aires. First things first, coffee! We quickly realised we were spoiled for boutique coffee shops. Everyone sits out on the cobbled streets in colourful tables and chairs, with vintage vespas parked artfully on the side. Needless to say, I dressed for the occasion and made Danny take about a million photos of me casually wandering the streets.

It was very windy that day though! So, we took refuge in a burger bar with some craft wine and beer. Best burger of the trip! I was secretly overjoyed that the ham and cheese sandwich phase of our trip seemed well and truly over.

We took in one of the sights of the town also, the original border wall of the town, it’s just a cute old wall, but there is a good gelato shop right next door..

That night we headed out for dinner at ‘The Drugstore’ which is just across from the church. I ordered the three cheese potato pasta. I was in heaven and then quickly felt very sick. Worth it.

Day 2

I feel like this is a given by now if you read my blog often, but we started the day with.. coffee. Duh.

This day was nice and calm so we hung out at the pier just looking at the boats and relaxing. Had some lunch and just slowed down a bit.

We went to the lighthouse and had a look, then decided to walk to the beach. Not without drama, we ran into a pack of pitbulls whose owners thought it was hilarious that their dogs were rounding us up with their teeth bearing and barking. Luckily one nice guy came out and chased them away, not before I yelled at them to control their dogs!

But all peace was restored once we got to the beach. I had never seen the Atlantic ocean before so this was exciting and a nice way to see out the afternoon.

That evening we watched the sunset off the pier, a beautiful end to our time in Uruguay.

Next stop; Mendoza, Argentina!

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