Road trip: Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles and beyond

As our time in Australia was drawing to a close, with the looming flight to London upon us, we felt it was about time to experience the number one tourist attraction in the area.

I won’t lie, we had attempted this drive before and completely ran out of time and had to turn around with our heads hung in failure and shame. We were naive and believed Google when it said it was only a three hour drive to the 12 apostles. What the googley gods failed to capture was the sheer volume of stops that are required to take in the breathtaking scenery that is the GOR. We stopped along the drive approximately 12,000 times and used words like ‘Holy Shit’ and ‘Woah STOP need to take a pic of that’ at an alarming rate.

We camped out in the wops nearby the apostles with a family of kangaroos and some french tourists who didn’t understand campsite personal space (they had acres to play with and pitched literally 7 meters from our area..)

After making a huge error of judgement and heading to the apostles in the afternoon, (think fourteen chinese tourist buses and multiple school trips) we woke up at the crack of dawn the next day to enjoy it at sunrise, mingled with the other insta famous elite who had all done the same thing. Note to self: get a drone to fit in.

We headed further down the road to Loch ard Gorge where I scaled the side of a cliff to get the shot where my short narcissistic life flashed before my eyes.

I must say though, the feeling of being there first thing in the morning was awesome, almost like we had discovered it ourselves. The ocean smashing powerfully against the rocks with the sun peeking up over the horizon was the stuff of dreams.

We drove inland home and had a gander in the redwood forest, marvelling at yet another miracle from mother nature.

I took a few clips in the hope that I could produce a video on the trip, maybe one day I’ll get around to learning how to editing it together xxx


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