Geishas & Gold in Kyoto

I have to admit something.. I thought kyoto would be my favorite place in Japan, but it wasn’t.

But it is areally cool place and everything we did was awesome. But it just didn’t have the same vibe and excitement that I loved about Tokyo

However, Kyoto was the most memorable and had the most stuff to see. There are literally over 2000 temples and shrines there. Our days were filled with getting about the different spots, and marveling at the beauty and historical significance.

We stayed in Gion which is the tea house district and the area where geisha or geiko live. We did spot them quite a few times, but I had read that it’s disrespectful to gawk at them. One of the books I read as a teen was ‘memoirs from a geisha.’ Which detailed the traumatic upbringing of a young geiko and the oppressed life she had back before the war. Soit was fascinating seeing them in real life and in modern day.


Airbnb served us well in Kyoto, we had a slightly bigger cupboard this time 😂. But it was right in the heart of Gion and wasn’t that expensive.


Kyoto was more expensive than Tokyo when it came to eating out we stuck to just dinners. We had breakfast in our room and grabbed sushi from the Family Mart. The specialty in Kyoto is an omelette like dish which came with sweet mayo and BBQ sauce, okonomiyaki – so yum!

Three days in Kyoto

Day 1

The first day started with the famous Golden Temple, and Bamboo Forrest. We also tried to get into a moss garden, but you had to be invited in.. we weren’t invited 😆

Day 2

Higashiyama is a big shrine in a cool lane way neighborhood out of Gion. We had a look in all the stores there, and also got stuck in a big crowd of school kids that were following a Japanese movie star 😂 .
We then went to a cool display of over 1000 golden buddhas, no photos allowed though

Of course, we went to the red shrine. But we did not realize this was a hill climb! It’s pretty beautiful to walk up though and, ‘top tip’ if you climb up to the top then there is far less people and you can get photos alone.

We then went to pontocho lane and hung out in a tiny bar with some other travelers that we met there. There was a couple from Sweden who didn’t fly anywhere because of the gas emissions. They had trained and ferried all the way from Sweden! That night was a late one, lots of chats and gin and tonics 😆

Day 3

After the night before, we were considerably hungover. So we spent the day lying on the grass in the botanical gardens, so relaxing! We also managed to have a little walk around, that garden is so beautiful!

Next stop; Osaka!


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