A First Timers Guide to LA

Welcome to Hollywood!
We had about two full days in LA before our flight to Mexico. We stayed in West Hollywood and managed to get a few of the top sights into our short visit. I’ll definitely be back again to spend a little more time!


The main thing I found about the food in LA was how expensive it was! But, there were definitely a lot more healthy options around us. I’d recommend;
V Cafe on Melrose Ave
Any Mexican place on Venice boardwalk
Plain Check Kitchen on Fairfax


Since accommodation was so expensive in LA, we opted to stay in a hostel. This was by far the cheapest option. Since we were out all day anyway it seemed pointless to splash out and get a private room. We stayed at Banana Bungalow Hostel on Fairfax ave. This place was totally fine and served it’s purpose, along with a free breakfast!


Okay so LA sucks with public transport, its pretty much non existent! One thing they do have that Australia doesn’t though is Uber Pool. This is basically Uber but you share the trip with other random people going in the same direction. It’s way cheaper and a lot more social. We met some real characters and had some cool conversations while pooling around LA. Definitely recommended!

Two and a half days in LA

Day 1

We arrived late afternoon and checked in to our hotel. Both suffering from a severe case of Hangry, we made it to Plain Check Kitchen down the road. There, we met a couple sitting at the next table. They took us out for a drink and a walk down Hollywood Boulevard/Walk of Fame. It was a very cool way to arrive and set the vibe for the rest of the trip.

Day 2

Tip: Only on Sundays in LA there is an awesome market called ‘Melrose Trading Post.’ Which sells stands on stands of vintage clothing, one off art pieces, food and anything you can think of! It was also opposite our hostel. We were there most of the morning tinkering through the stalls.
Then we headed to Venice Beach and walked up and down the boardwalk people watching and taking it all in. We grabbed tacos for lunch and then cycled to Santa Monica and back. The two places have very different personalities. But I think I preferred Venice.

Day 3

I pre-warned Danny that I was going to need at least half a day dedicated to shopping. We hit up The Grove for the standard chain stores and then Melrose for the alternative stuff. The best store I went to was definitely ‘Reformation.’ This is a brand that makes all their clothes out of sustainable and recycled materials. But its all nice and fashionable pieces. The coolest part was when I was in the fitting room. I could ‘order’ a new piece or size from the screen and it would get delivered into the wardrobe from the other side. So convenient!

It was then time for some exercise. We hiked up to the top of Runyon canyon which provided amazing views of the city and the Hollywood sign.

That night, we went to a show. It was ‘Pot Luck’ at The Comdey Store. This was so good, it’s quick fire stand up. There must have been over 100 comics who all did 3 minute sets. We sat there for over four hours drinking and laughing. Best part was that admission was free! Tip: This only happens on Monday nights!

The next morning we woke everyone in our dorm up at 6am and flew out to Mexico City!



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