Wine Tasting in Mendoza

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I wanted to go to Mendoza.

Hello, wine country! I was never going to leave Argentina before spending time in South America’s most famous and respected wine region.


I sound like a broken record but again we did a night bus to get to Mendoza. This was almost as long as the previous at 20 hours! Again, it was comfortable and easy enough to sleep on. I just love the concept of them, transport and accommodation all in one!


I mean, eating is cheating. But the food was again, amazing. But really, anything paired with wine is a win in my book. It was all generally fancier than anywhere else, mainly because it’s a fancy little place.


We mixed it up a bit and booked and Airbnb. Our host didn’t speak great English and we obviously only speak minimal spanglish.. but we made it work and still had a lovely time there. I was getting a bit sick of the constant socializing in hostels and just wanted a bit of home comfort for a few days. Which I got!

The Wine Tour

We went back and forth a bit on what we wanted out of a wine tour. I was leaning toward a more in-depth and more expensive option whereas Danny was more inclined to just book the cheapest option. But, I convinced him that if we are here in Mendoza we have to do it justice. Just like we would if we were in Napa Valley or the South of France. So we booked with Ampora Wine tours, who were great! Hella expensive, but when in Rome…

Ampora picked us up from the Airbnb early, we were in a group of other people who were mainly Australian with a few Americans and a random Swiss guy. They took us around three different wineries and we did tastings at all three and then a four-course lunch at the final one.

Seriously, the red wine in Mendoza is amazing! Malbec is now my favourite type of red because of this tasting. The winery owners were all so passionate about the winemaking process, they loved answering our questions and talking about all the different types of methods and drops.

Being totally honest, I don’t recall too many details about the day. But I can say that the scenery was gorgeous and the wine was phenomenal. If you’re ever in Mendoza, I say go big or go home!

Next stop: Santiago, Chile!



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