A Weekend in Nice

Bonjour! Welcome to Nice.

The first of what I can only promise will be many weekend getaways from London to other hotspots in Europe.

It was the significant other’s day of birth and being the romantic little bugger I am, I jetted him off to the south of france for a weekend of cheese, wine and the mediterranean sea.

England appeared to be in monsoon season (what they call spring) and having no job and no house was kind of getting me down so this little getaway was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Peaking at a balmy 24 degrees, it was warm enough to get the legs out but cool enough to avoid the water. Danny went for a dip, but he also did that in Peru during a mountain trek in winter so he can’t be trusted in regard to assessing water temperatures.

We stayed in a cute Airbnb in the old town, which had old timey shutters and looked down on the cobbled streets bustling with frenchies riding their bikes with baguettes in the basket.

I must say, as soon as we stepped foot in the country, the French were the total opposite to every stereotype I had ever heard about them, friendly, warm and great sports when Danny kept accidentally speaking to them in broken Spanish..

The colourful buildings, crystal clear coastline, the freshly baked pastries and sounds of an accordion player nailing ‘despacito’ gave me an all senses experience of the glorious south of France .

One thing that stuck out to me, the french don’t seem to believe in breakfast.. Coming from Melbourne where brunch is an institution, being handed an espresso and a croissant at 10am was heartbreaking. Thankfully they have enough cheese and creme brulee to make up for it after dinner.

Activities included wandering the streets, hiking up to the viewing point and lounging on the stony beach. Followed by a lovely outdoor dinner where I ate far too much.

The weekend continued to Monaco the next day xx



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