Osaka: Japans most underrated city

The final stop of our travels in Japan was Osaka. We caught the train from Kyoto to Osaka and it only took about 20 minutes to arrive on the super fast train.

This was one place I wish we could have had one more day in. If Tokyo was the Sydney of Japan, then Osaka was the Melbourne. In the sense that it was as dynamic and busy but with a more chilled attitude.



We stayed in an Airbnb right by Tenma station. This was the best apartment by a long shot. Our host was incredibly kind and welcoming and the place was huge! There was even a guest book and guides that our host Mai had put together.


We ate a LOT of ramen and dumplings in Osaka! It was incredible how every meal we had was better than the last. The area we stayed in had a lot of little laneways streets lined with eateries where you could eat outside. So I’d recommend checking out that area if you go.

Three days in Osaka

Day 1

after hearing how much the Japanese are into their baseball, We were hell bent on catching a game while in Japan. This proved a little hard since all the games sell out weeks before. But we managed to buy some from a scalper outside the stadium, which we were pretty impressed with ourselves about.
It is an experience in itself. The most entertaining part was more the crowds involvement than the game itself. The chants and dancing, and the general atmosphere was insane and so fun to be apart of. Highly recommend!

Day 2

The second day took use to the aquarium and Ferris wheel, which gave an amazing view of the city. We then headed to the Umenda sky tower to see it from a different angle. It was so hot that day I melted!
For dinner and drinks we headed to Dontonburi, lined with the classic big flashing billboards and market style food. It was a pretty dynamic place and a must do for Osaka, I loved it!

Day 3

Craving a bit of nature, we got on the train and went to Minoo park. This is a nature walk that leads to a waterfall. It felt amazing to get out of the city and experience more of the natural beauty of Japan. We even had a few moments where there was no people around at all, unheard of!😂
Then it was back on the train to Osaka castle. Again, this building was beautiful, and a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It’s quite a touristy spot but still worth a look even from the outside.

And that wrapped up our time in Osaka. As I said, I would have loved a bit more time there as I think we only scratched the surface.

Until next time Japan! On to the next adventure; San Francisco!

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