Mexico City: The Blue House & Beyond

Anything I thought I knew about Mexico City before this trip has been completely turned around.

A First Timers Guide to LA

Welcome to Hollywood!

Road trip: Pismo Beach

En route driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we had a rest stop at Pismo Beach.

A Taste of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Photo Diary

My first time in the USA: San Francisco

The first stop of a three month itinerary. San Francisco, California!

Osaka: Japans most underrated city

The final stop of our travels in Japan was Osaka. We caught the train from Kyoto to Osaka and it only took about 20 minutes to arrive on the super fast train.

Geishas & Gold in Kyoto

I have to admit something.. I thought kyoto would be my favorite place in Japan, but it wasn’t.

Hakone & Mount Fuji

I have to say, it was exciting to spend a day and night in the country. To check out the iconic scenery that is Mount Fuji was a big change following the sensory overload of Tokyo.

Sensory Overload in Tokyo

If I could describe Tokyo in one word: busy!

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