Roadtripping in Salta

Hello Argentina! South America’s capital of steak, wine, and ice cream 🍦

It was about a days drive from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta, Argentina. We had to cross the border, which was pretty straight forward. But I need to talk about the scenery! The drive was probably one of, if not the most beautiful drives of my life! We passed over the Andes, as well as through valleys on either side, and it was so breathtaking. The mountain ranges glowed with orange, reds, blues, greens and pinks. And were a combination of rolling hills and jagged. It’s so hard to get photos out of the bus window so we decided we had to come back ourselves the just to spend more time marveling.


Salta’s appeal is not the town, it’s the surrounding area. So we figured the best bet to see everything was to rent a car. We hadn’t driven anything since the USA so we were a bit nervous driving in a Spanish speaking country. Well, let’s be honest I didn’t drive! It really was the best way, because we could stop a lot and just take our time.


Argentina as it turns out is like Chile in the sense that they eat really late and also do siesta time. Luckily, we got back so late from our excursions that a 9pm dinner time suited us perfect! Even though we’re pretty much vegetarian at home these days, we have been sampling the local delicacies everywhere we’ve gone. It’s just such a big part of the cultures! So, Argentina’s most famous for their steaks, and I haven’t eaten steak in a very long time. It’s not my first choice ever even when I am eating meat but I can easily say now, Argentina does the best steak in the world. We tried it in Salta and it was incredible. Also we had a steak house experience in Buenos Aires but that’s in the next post!
Argentina also does amazing gelato because there’s a big Italian influence here, as well as pizza and pasta. And I’ll save talking about the wine for my Mendoza post.


We stayed in a hostel and I can’t remember the name! They were great though and had a buffet breakfast free and organized for our rental car to be dropped off.

Two days in Salta

Day 1

On day one, we took the car south of Salta along route 68 towards the town of Cafayate.
The town wasn’t really the appeal, it was the drive there. The road passes through a huge valley of rock formations and mountain ranges. Similar to what we saw on the drive in. I think we stopped about 100 times on that drive. There were a few key spots that I had earmarked to see like ‘The Amphitheater’ and ‘The devils throat’ but to be honest just the whole drive was amazing. We stopped a bit for food at a little empañada house which let me feed their llama.

After reaching Cafayate we had lunch and headed back along the same road to Salta. It was an incredible day.

Day 2

On the second day we headed on the long drive north to Rainbow Mountain. We stopped off on a little detour on the road that we had come in on on the bus, just so we could take pics and just see it one more time.

I wasn’t feeling that great on this day unfortunately, I seem to be getting ill a lot more toward the end of the trip.

But anyway it was yet another amazing drive! We got all the way to Rainbow Mountain, which is again one of the most incredible sights. Definitely the highlight of the whole area! We also saw the Painters Palette and a lot of other colourful cliff faces.

Annoyingly the car we hired was a bit of a dud and kept overheating while we were driving up the hill, it definitely slowed us down a bit.

I seriously loved the Salta region for the beautiful sights. Unfortunately we only had two days 🙁

The next stop; Buenos Aires, Argentina!



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