My first time in the USA: San Francisco

The first stop of a three month itinerary. San Francisco, California!

I have always wanted to go to San Fran. After growing up with Full House and The Princess Diaries, it was always on my radar. That combined with a shared love of coffee, villa style architecture and good food.. San Fran didn’t disappoint me, I honestly wish I had longer there to explore some more. Every corner turned, we stumbled across something new. I felt we could wander for hours uncovering hidden gems 💎


Places I’d recommend going in San Francisco would be:

Tony’s Pizza in North Beach
SoMa street food truck park
Mr. Holmes bakery

Special mention would also go to AT&T park, they have every type of food stand there!
I’d also recommended ordering one main and sharing it, the portions are huge and it works out cheaper!


I don’t want to be negative, but I would not recommend the place we stayed. We didn’t know a lot about the neighborhoods in San Fran and in hindsight should have done more research. We stayed in the Tenderloin area which is commonly where you will find a lot of homeless and drug deals. So there was a lot going on outside our door. It’s a lot easier to buy and carry weapons in America so I was usually on edge any time we went to and from the house.
But I did hear from the tour guide that the safest place in SF is Chinatown. According to her; ”A woman can walk down the street butt naked, carrying an open bag full of cash and nothing’s gonna happen.” I didn’t try this though to validate it 🤣
So I would recommend checking that out!

Three days in San Francisco

Day 1

After a 12 hour flight and a dramatic dash through LAX after Danny left his camera on the plane. We finally made it to San Francisco!
Jet lagged and groggy we walked over to union square and had our first Cheesecake Factory experience. Biggest servings ever! After a wander through the city we made it to north beach where we stumbled on Green street. This area has loads of little specialty boutiques. We went into 101 music and flicked through the immense record collection. Following that I fell asleep in the park 😴. North Beach was super cool and definitely my favourite suburb of San Fran.

Day 2

On day two we started the morning at Mr Holmes bakehouse. This is a tiny bakery near the Tenderloin district. Serving amazing pastries and had quirky decor, I found it on Pinterest and it was even as cute in real life.
We then did the most cheesy tourist thing ever and got on a bus tour that went around the city. I actually enjoyed it though. It was cool learning about all the history of the city plus seeing all the landmarks within an hour. For lunch we chowed down (haha!) on some of the famous chowder at Fishermans Wharf before hopping on a boat to Alcatraz. The audio tour of the prison was very good and so interesting! Like listening to a podcast and being there at the same time 😆 definitely recommend it!
Finally, it was time for some baseball ⚾️ at AT&T park.

Day 3

Our final day in San Fran was a walking tour that I had constructed myself. I dragged Danny around all the little suburbs I wanted to see! These included the Haight-Ashbury, Castro and Mission District. These places all had their own personalities. It was hard to pick a favorite because they were all so unique in their own way.
I ended the ‘tour’ at the Painted ladies houses (where Full House was filmed). But all the houses in San Fran look exactly the same as these, villa style and colourful. But I guess these are famous because of the TV show!

That afternoon, we took the bus over to Sausalito which is a town over the Golden Gate Bridge. We wanted to bike it but realized we wouldn’t have enough time 🙁
We got ice-cream and chilled here for a few hours then got the ferry back at sunset, which was gorgeous!
That night we went to Tony’s pizza in North Beach, this had a 2 hour waiting time! But it was 100% worth it, best GF pizza I’ve ever had 🍕

Next stop; Yosemite National Park!

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