Santiago and Beyond

The last big city on our trip!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Santiago, I hadn’t heard much about the capital of Chile as a travel destination.


Keeping on the Airbnb buzz, we found an apartment in the city center. Literally right in the main square. It was a nice apartment but the building it was in was a little worse for ware. There were a few business deals going on in the early hours if you catch my drift…


Santiago was the gem of a place that cured my craving for some sushi. After spending three months away, it was time for some ‘normal’ food. I realize that normal food is relative, but to me, it’s sushi.
We found a few good spots for Thai and Indian as well. Santiago delivered on a metropolitan palate.

Two days in Santiago

Day 1

Day one we had an exploration day. We hit up the park which had a castle in it, the museum of visual art, found a few cool shops to have a wander in, meandered in the central park, explored the markets and finally grabbed a beer and ice cream in the suburb of Bella Vista.
These were all things I had found on TripAdvisor and it was a jam-packed but exciting day. We even ran into people we knew! A couple from our wine tour in Mendoza, this world is so small.

Day 2

Day two was the polar opposite. It’s become very evident that we are travelers that gravitate towards nature rather than cities. And since we screwed up by not making it to the lake in Mendoza, we decided to take another crack at it in Chile. We hired a car and headed out of the city toward El Yeso Dam. The mountains along the drive were incredible, I’m always awestruck anytime we approach the Andes. We’re so lucky to have seen them so many times on this trip.
The lake was picturesque, crystal blue water as calm as anything! The grand mountains bearing down on us with snowy tops. It wasn’t warm at all but it was so peaceful. It made me sad we couldn’t explore further south to Patagonia. Next time for sure.
That night we headed back to our apartment and indulged in a traditional Chilean dish, Pad Thai 😆

Next stop; Valparaiso, Chile!


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