The Best Movies for Travel Inspiration

As I’m writing this, I have been at home for 6 weeks. We are in the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic and as someone who puts travel above all other hobbies and passions, it’s been an adjustment. I am of course so very grateful to have had the experiences I’ve had thus far but the act of standing still is something I’ve had to make friends with lately.

Luckily, there have been ways I’ve gotten my travel fix from home, mainly in the form of movies and books. So in honour of the
stay home movement, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite movies to watch to give you that travel feels.

In no particular order

Julie & Julia

Combining three passions into one film, food, travel and Meryl Streep. Julie and Julia follow the true stories of two women and their passion for French food. Streep plays Julia Child, the famous cook, during her life in Paris while she was learning to cook French food and enjoying everything life in Paris had to offer her. Amy Adams plays Julie who is working her way through Child’s said book in the early 2000s in New York in her own cooking journey.

PS – I Love You

This is the movie that inspired me to go to Ireland, although mainly set in New York, Holly’s Irish husband tragically passes away but has arranged letters to arrive for her following his death. Expect to cry a lot. Her grieving takes her to Ireland to the scenery, music and ahem Irish men that help her heal her broken heart.


Has anyone else watched this and then convinced themselves they needed to go on a month-long hiking trip? Same. A woman decides that the only way to heal her demons is to isolate herself from the world by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail which is a hike that runs from the Mexican border up to Canada in the USA. It’s all about personal healing and growth and the scenery is undeniably beautiful.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Similar to Eat Pray Love, Under the Tuscan Sun is about a woman who goes away on a holiday to Tuscany after a crappy divorce and falls in love with the region. She impulsively buys a run-down old Italian villa and forges a life in Italy. A lovely warm feel-good film set in my favourite country ever.

Call Me By Your Name

A new favourite of mine, I was a bit late to the party with this one but it has quickly become one of my favourites. Call me by your name is a story of the romance between a young boy and his father’s student over a summer. Set in northern Italy, this dreamy movie is coloured with Italian villas, wine-soaked al fresco dinners and glorious scenery that will make you swoon. Timothee Chalamet stars, need I say more?


Chocolate, France, Johnny Depp, what a combo. Based in France, a strange woman and her daughter turn up in a sleepy town and open up a chocolatey during lent. The story is about overcoming adversity and romance (in the form of Johnny Depp) and was one of those movies I watched as a kid that instilled a need to visit France from an early age.


Amelie is a mute french girl living in Paris who decides to spend her time spreading joy and happiness for strangers, which ultimately leads to love for herself. Lots of lovely Parisian scenes and a feel-good story.

Midnight in Paris

I’ll admit this is not a particular favourite in terms of story-line and it’s an odd casting with Owen Wilson. But the Paris setting certainly does inspire wanderlust. A man travels to Paris on holiday with his girlfriend and parents and finds that at midnight every night he has transported back to the 1920s mingling with the famous of writers of the time.

About Time

Another time-travel type of film, but this one I believe to be the superior of this list. A young man finds himself the ability to travel back in time to moments in his life and chooses to use this skill to find himself a girlfriend. Set in one of my favourite cities in the world, London. I watched this before we had decided to move to London and the romance of the city was one of the many influences. Also party set in Cornwall, the film shows the glorious beaches of England that often don’t often get seen in film and TV.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

The only film set in Spain on my list, this one is full of the streets, culture and excitement of Barcelona. The story is about two young women who travel to the city and both fall for the same married guy. Queue a bit of drama and passion the Spanish are famous for.

Eat Pray Love

You couldn’t write a list about travel films without including the one that basically put Bali on the map. Julia Roberts plays a woman who after a divorce takes a year off her job to spend 3 months in Italy, India and Bali respectively in order to find herself. A classic, a bit corny but an all-round crowd-pleaser.

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