Exploring the Lost City of Tikal

We made it to Guatemala!
Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any photos in the ATM cave in San Ignacio. Too many people have damaged the skeletons with their cameras. But it was amazing and I definitely recommended doing that if you’re ever in Belize. Google ‘ATM Cave, Belize’ and you’ll see what I mean!

After San Ignacio we crossed the border by foot into Guatemala. Back to a Spanish speaking country!


We got a collectivo taxi to Flores where we checked into the Los Amigos Hostel. If you’re ever in Flores, definitely stay here! It’s the most well thought out Hostel I’ve stayed in. There was a full restaurant, tree houses, hammocks, Travel Centre, charging pods, sound proof party room, morning yoga classes, a steam room and so much more. The whole place was also decorated as a bohemian dream, very pretty!


The whole reason we were in Flores was to make the trip to Tikal the next day. Tikal is an ancient Mayan city that has been overgrown with the jungle. There’s toucan birds and spider monkeys hanging out everywhere.
We had a guide organized by the hostel to take us around and give us the history and fun facts.
It was a truly beautiful place and I’m glad we made the trip. It made me even more excited for Machu Picchu next month!

Next stop: Semuc Champey, Guatemala!


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