The Colours of Valparaiso

Valparaiso, the last stop on an unforgettable trip through the Americas.

Valparaiso is a town on the Pacific coast of Chile, about 2 hours from Santiago. The drawcard to travelers is 100% down to the immense street art culture. Drawing bohemians and artists around the world to the cobbled street hills, every surface of the town is covered in colourful, mainly politically driven art pieces that are all vastly different and beautiful.


We took a 2-hour comfortable public bus to Valpo from Santiago. Super easy and straightforward with no dramas.
I’m Valpo, there is an adorable cable car system that at times can be equally scary as it is a novelty. The cable cars take people up and down the main hill in the center of town where the majority of the street art, restaurants and cafes are.


We were in a private room in the very last hostel we would stay in on this trip. We met a few other couples who had done the same trip as us which was fun to trade stories.


The food in Valparaiso is varied, mainly modern and western. But because of the influence of the various artists that live here, you can find pretty much anything! Just like any other modern city.

Three days in Valparaiso

Day 1

We arrived just before lunch on the bus and headed straight up the hill. Our handy lonely planet guide told us that Normas was good for a feed. It was! $20 for a main, wine and dessert! We wandered around taking in the artworks, weaving around the alleyways and laneways and listening to buskers music. We finished up the exploration with a well-deserved burger at an English pub.

Day 2

Day two started with trying to find a coffee, it was a mission, but our prayers were answered when we stumbled on a Melbourne themed coffee house. Seriously, it had photos of Flinders Street and Mornington peninsula everywhere and also a map displaying how many kms there was between here and Melbourne. Surreal to find it just a few days before heading back there, and the coffee was the best we’ve had so far, go figure.
We met up with a walking tour group that took us around explaining the history of the town and how it used to be very wealthy and has since become relatively run down. This is due to the port becoming obsolete after the Panama Canal was built.
The walking tour wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, but it was good to walk around the areas we might not have thought of. The tour ended with a local delicacy, wine, and coke! Not something I’ll be adopting, unfortunately.

Day 3

Our final day. We headed across to the sister town of Vina Del Mar, where the beach is! We spent the day looking out over the Pacific Ocean that we were about to fly over to get home. I was the perfect way to finish the trip

Next stop: Melbourne, Australia!


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